Esukhia specializes in Tibetan language. For learners, that means we provide language lessons that are easy & accessible, no matter your level. You can study online or in-personin Tibetan only—with a native-speaking teacher by signing up today! 

We also work with methods & materials to support teachers of Tibetan. We’re bridging modern pedagogies & traditional contexts to benefit student learning, while offering jobs & training to strengthen professional development opportunities. 

At the professional level, we’re tackling some of the biggest technological challenges in order to serve Tibetan Buddhist scholarship & Tibetan-speaking communities at large. That includes readability & word-editing tools; NLP; digital libraries; and more…


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Esukhia is dedicated to the Tibetan languages & their textual traditions.

We are a network of schools, teachers, & researchers that specialize in resources for scholars, translators, & Buddhists worldwide.



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