Study Tibetan ONLINE

Using Skype or Google+, our online classes offer the scholar, translator, or dharma student the opportunity to study Tibetan 1:1 with a trained, native-speaking teacher.

We offer Tibetan language courses for beginners, as well as advanced level coursework, taught in Tibetan, with electives in Buddhism, poetry, and more, all for an affordable fee.

Students: You may now view your teacher’s online profile, complete with scheduling calendar!

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  • First 50 hours: 5 euros per hour
  • Second set of 50 hours: 4.5 euros per hour
  • From the 100th hour onward: 4 euros per hour


To register for online classes, please click here. Our secretaries will send you an email with a schedule proposal once you’ve submitted the form.

After your 2 free trial lessons, please send us an email with the following details:

  • How many days per week you want to take lessons
  • How many hours per lesson you’d like (we can also arrange for a few hours a day at different times of day)
  • What time(s) you are free for lessons (please reference your own time zone when sending the information, for ex: “I am free from 5 am to 8 am EST”

We have teachers available from 9 am to midnight Indian Standard Time. 13 to 14 is lunch break and we can’t arrange classes. Use this time zone converter to calculate the equivalent in your time, or just ask Google: “what time is it in India now” to easily calculate the difference. 


Cancellations: Esukhia strives to be as flexible as possible while scheduling your classes; however, we also try to keep our classes as affordable as possible.

In order to balance these considerations, you will not pay for a class if you notify us via email ( at least 24 hours before the start of your class. However, this cancellation policy means you will be charged for all other scheduled classes that are not cancelled a day or more before. Please address cancellations directly with the office to ensure we’ve received your notification; please do not simply alert your teacher via Skype.

Disclaimers and Advice for language learners:

Before singing up for any of our classes, please read our updated Disclaimers and Advice document.

Teacher Profiles

Please visit this link to view online teacher profiles and schedules!