Study Tibetan ON the ROAD

Take your private 1:1 Tibetan language tuition with you on your next journey, trek, or pilgrimage in India or Nepal.


5,000 INR fixed + 1,000 INR per day + expenses (accommodation and food for your teacher).

For example: 17 days of travel will cost 22,000 INR + expenses; price will be sent by email according to an up-to-date INR exchange rate. Payments are due 1 month in advance.


Send an email with your proposed itenerary to:


Students may request specific teachers, but final decisions are up to the Education Board and are dependent upon availability and scheduling. Teacher and student must commit to a minimum of 4 hours formal classes per day.

Please note: your teacher is not a substitute to a travel guide. For travel packages and tours please contact Lungta.