Study Tibetan in INDIA

Our immersion courses are the face-to-face version of our online classes; students are immersed in a Tibetan-only environment for full or half-days at our headquarters in Dharamsala, India.

We offer Tibetan language courses for all levels, taught in Tibetan, with electives in Buddhism, poetry, and more, all for an affordable fee.

Be aware that the Esukhia Immersion Campus is a Tibetan-only zone. Students and teachers alike are required to sign a Language Oath in order to formally support this unique environment. 

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Prices are calculated on a “per week” basis. *Important:* Prices shown are for advanced payments only. Pay on arrival to ensure your rate!

(For example: Pre-pay for 4 weeks study at 5,000 Rs./week; Pre-pay for 2 weeks study at 5,750 Rs./week; etc.)

Prices are listed in Indian Rupees (INR) (Students may study 5 days a week, M-F/or 6 days a week, M-S):

4 weeks + 3 weeks 2 weeks Package
5,000/6,000 5,500/6,600 5,750/6,900 Full Immersion
3,750/4,500 4,000/4,800 4,250/5,100 Five Hours
3,000/3,600 3,300/3,960 3,500/4,200 Half Immersion (4h)

For students who book online, we require a minimum commitment of 2 weeks study for half, 5 hours, or full immersion days. These programs are given priority; other packages are available, subject to teacher availability (for ex., 1 week study, 2 hrs immersion, etc.).

For details, please see our Policies & Procedures for the Immersion School; contact us for further questions.

Note: Even though lunch with the staff is not a formal class, it is considered part of the study program and is included for Full, 5 hr, and Half Immersion programs.


PLEASE BOOK your classes a minimum of 1.5 months in advance!

Step 1: Fill out the registration form, even if you are already a student.

Step 2: After receiving a confirmation email from our office, pay the registration fee (190 EUR for Full, 140 EUR for 5 hr., or 110 EUR for Half Immersion). If taking more weeks than your fee covers, your balance will be due in Indian Rupees cash upon arrival.

For more details, see our Policies & Procedures.

Step 3: You will receive an email to confirm your registration.

Your reservation fees are not refundable; however, they may be used toward Online Classes (or any other Esukhia service) if you cancel your Immersion Course a minimum of 1 month in advance.

With this pre-booking, your teachers will be reserved. If you prefer to wait to pay upon arrival in India, we cannot guarantee you a spot on the schedule!

For more information or for any questions please feel free to ask our office:


Esukhia Immersion is an evolving project. Before coming to India, please read the updated version of our Policies & Procedures.

Please also read our updated Disclaimers & Advice

Esukhia Immersion is a Tibetan-only environment. Students are required to sign a formal promise to uphold this ideal: See our FAQ on the Tibetan Language Oath for more details


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